Strategically located in the Allentown Promise Neighborhood, the RCDC strives through prayer, reasoned promise, and action to work in fellowship with residents in developing the skills and resources, spiritual and secular, required to create an educationally, financially, and morally empowered community guided by the common pursuit of a secure, healthy, and safe lifestyle. RCDC is committed to creating communities of equity, excellence and empowering residents.

In the implementation of services RCDC believes that:

Unconditional respect is necessary in all human interactions

People have the capacity to change, and solve their own problems when given the necessary support and conditions

To support people to change one must meet people where they are and build mutually respectful and trusting relationships through open, honest and consistent discourse

Community is a group of people who are consciously committed to going beyond their personal biases, attitudes, judgments, and opinions to achieve a shared vision that would otherwise be impossible

Bias around issues of race, class, gender, and language are serious issues facing our society and deeply imbedded within all informal and formal organizational systems that are usually not discussed. Talking and facilitating conversation about them is necessary, not to lay blame, but to figure out better ways to improve systems, community well-being and educate our children.

It is necessary to model the improvement of practice through ongoing inquiry, honest reflection, critical review of performance, and corrective feedback.